tpctbar: name, row, col, fcolor, bcolor, width [, ccode]

Creates a percentage progress bar with name, located at row and column with the text color of fcolor and background color of bcolor. Width is the number of characters of the percentage bar. ccode is an optional ascii code of the progress bar that will be printed in fcolor. The percentage remaining will be printed with bcolor. The default character is ascii code 178.


name: The name of the tpctbar. Must be unique.
row: The line on which the progress bar will be printed.
col: The column of the left-most side of the progress bar.
fcolor: The color that is used to print the progress bar character.
bcolor: The color that is used to print the uncompleted bar.
width: The width is characters of the bar.
ccode: An optional ascii code of the character to print for the bar.