shell: Rx | [path/]app [,Ry | app parm, Rz | 1 | 2 | 3]

Run an external program, passing an optional command line to the application and setting the window state.

Note: Since Atom is a console application, it is impossible to capture an error with shell: since the internal api command, ShellExecute, requires a GUI window to return an error code. Make sure the parmeters you are using are valid.

If you want to specify a window style but don't need to pass a command line to the application, then pass an empty string to the app parm. Ex: shell: "notepad.exe", "", 1.

You may have to add a delay: after the shell: opcode to allow the application time to load before you can interact with the program. See shell.ata for an example. 


Rx | app : A register or string containing the name of an application, such as "notepad.exe".
Ry | app parm: A register or string containing a command line, such as "c:\mynote.txt".
Rz | 1 | 2 | 3: A numeric register or constant. This parameter specifies the window style when the application is run. 1 = normal. 2 = minimized. 3 = maximized.